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At LensCrafters, we love your eyes

On the computer

In today’s online world, people spend eight or more hours a day in front of their computer.** And while you’re working, your eyes are hard at work too. The strain from hyper-focusing on the screen can cause eye fatigue, headaches, and even neck, shoulder and back pain.

To avoid these uncomfortable symptoms, consider choosing glasses with anti-reflective lens. Anti-reflective lenses eliminate the reflection of light from the front and back of lenses, helping you to squint less, putting less strain on your eyes, and making for a more comfortable and productive workday. At many LensCrafters locations, anti-reflective lenses can be made in about an hour, so you can walk out the door wearing your new look with crisp, clear vision.

No matter the lens type you choose, we always recommend including an
anti-reflective feature to ensure you look and see your best.

Working outside

If you’re lifestyle takes you outside often, protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays by choosing eyeglasses with transition lenses or a pair of prescription sunglasses. Not only will they keep your eyes healthy, but they’ll shield the delicate skin around your eyes as well. Virtually any prescription can be fit into the sunglasses of your choosing so you’ll always be able to see your best.

If your job or hobbies take you both indoors and outdoors frequently, you may want to invest in a pair of photochromic lenses like Transitions® Vantage®. These light-adaptive lenses are virtually clear indoors and become darker and polarized in the sunlight, the perfect lifestyle glasses if you’re constantly on the move.

Working outside
Active outside

Active outside

If you lead an active lifestyle, choosing the right glasses is particularly important. Depending on how much time you spend participating in sports and outdoor activities, you may want to consider having two pairs of sunglasses – a polarized pair for everyday use, and a pair of sport-specific sunglasses.

Sports eyewear has optimal fit and comfort and is made to withstand impact. Some sport-specific lenses are also available for a variety of activities, including golf, running, cycling, and water sports. For indoor activities, consider clear prescription performance glasses. LensCrafters also carries more durable lenses with anti-scratch protection—so your lens lasts through tough workouts.

Your eyeglasses should improve your everyday life, and knowing how to choose glasses for your lifestyle, whether it’s spent in front of a computer or under the sun will help you see and look your best. Once you have your prescription, a LensCrafters associate can assist you in choosing eyeglass equipped with lenses specific to your lifestyle. Schedule an eye exam* online for a location near you.

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