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Man doing pushups in performance sunglasses.


Choosing the right lenses for your outdoor activities is key to helping you see—and perform at your very best. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends wearing sunglasses anytime you're outside, but especially when you’re near the beach or water, at high elevations, or participating in snow sports.**

Wearing the right performance eyewear can make doing what you love even better whether you’re blazing a trail, sinking a putt, or crossing the finish line. Different lenses have specific features, from color to material that make them better suited for certain sports and activities.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends wearing sunglasses anytime you’re outside, but especially when you’re near the beach or water, at high elevations, or participating in snow sports.**


One way to make the most of your outdoors experience is by customizing your sun performance lenses with features that fit your lifestyle needs. If you’re on-the-go a lot and tend to come into contact with branches on the trail or debris on the road, consider a scratch-resistant lens to protect against wear and tear.

In addition to scratch-resistance, polarized lenses that reduce glare are great for active sports like rafting and cycling, or everyday activities like driving. Light reflecting off water, snow, and glass causes glare and can seriously affect your vision. Your polarized lenses should also be equipped with protection from UV rays, especially if you’re into outdoor sports, where you’re spending more time in the sun.

Performance eyewear for skiing.
Woman stretching before a run in performance sunglasses.


Go the extra mile by investing in performance sunglasses specially designed for the outdoors. The Oakley® True Digital Edge™ Dual-Peripheral lens Technology™ gives you sharper peripheral vision and motion detection, with the clearest possible vision over the entire lens. Oakley® tints are made for specific types of outdoors conditions like grass, water, roads, snow, and trails.

For an authentic outdoor experience, Ray-Ban® RoX and RoX+ performance lenses give you sharper, clearer vision, with improved edge-to-edge clarity. Ray-Ban RoX and Ray-Ban RoX+ lenses are customized to your exact frame and prescription in grey and brown for that most personalized fit.


Different tinted sun lenses can make a positive impact on your performance, giving you that extra edge during competition. Find out which shade works best for you below.

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Brown/Grey/Green lenses
cut down on brightness without distorting colors, reducing eyestrain in moderate to bright conditions for activities like fishing, boating, and sailing.

UV rays and their effects

Rose lenses
work best in low-light visibility situations, enhancing the soft greys of ski slopes and making objects more visible against green backdrops for sports like mountain biking, trail running, and golfing.

UV rays and their effects

Yellow/Amber lenses
are ideal for moderate-to-low level light conditions, providing excellent depth perception for activities like skiing, snowboarding, and tennis. Copper-colored lenses also help enhance the contrast of white golf balls against green fairways.

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