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Accufit®See more clearly.

Your lenses are crafted based on exactly how glasses sit on your face, where your eyes line up in the frame, and the distance between your eyes–putting the prescription exactly where you need it to see your best.

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5X more precise

LensCrafters' exclusive AccuFit® Digital Measurement System measures your eyes five times more precisely than traditional methods, down to a tenth of a millimeter. Meaning you get to see your world more clearly.

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How it works

Accufit digitally measures the exact location of your pupils, the spacing of your eyes, and the shape of
your glasses so we can place your prescription in your lenses exactly where you need it to see your best.

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Lens type

Certain lens types require additional measurements to ensure correct placement for accurate vision across each vision zone.

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Pair of glasses
Facial features

The position and size of your nose, cheekbones and brow affect the way your frames and lenses fit your face. The better the fit, the better your vision.

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Pair of glasses

No two eyes are the same. For the best vision possible, we center your prescription on your pupils exactly where light enters your eye.

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Frame Shape

An exact frame measurement ensures we create your lenses, and place the prescription in your frames, correctly.

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Why fit matters

Goodbye rulers, hello super hi-tech future machines. The LensCrafters AccuFit system replaces old-fashioned hand-held measuring tools with a state-of-the-art digital system that is 5 times more precise.

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