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We accept vision insurance benefits online, saving you time and money.
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Eye Doctors The doc is in.

At LensCrafters we love eyes. You'll find us close to home too,
with an Independent Doctor of Optometry in or next door to
almost every LensCrafters store. From expert eye exams to
fabulous frames-these optometrists have got you covered.

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Adult Exams

If you know what to expect, you'll find your next eye exam* a snap. Watch the videos to see what happens at an exam. We'll walk you through some tools and tests your eye doctor may use to check your eye health, evaluate your vision, and identify the right prescription.

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Vision Insurance

How to use it

Your eye insurance plan likely covers more than an annual eye exam at LensCrafters. Use your insurance benefits or FSA/HSA dollars to get prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and even prescription sunglasses; everything you need to love your eyes all year long. We accept many vision insurance plans and we've got Direct Billing to take the hassle out of filing insurance claims. Come in and we'll help you get the most out of your benefits.

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Services in thedoctor's office

Clarifye Digital Exam
Contact Lens Exam
Digital Retinal Imaging


Doctors of Optometry are using technology to give you the best vision care. Clarifye? is the new digital eye exam from LensCrafters? that lets your doctor gather five times more information about your vision. Today's eye exams are so much more than an updated prescription.

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PrecisionOf Vision

Contact Lens Exam

If eyeglasses aren't the perfect fit for you, maybe contact lenses are. Our eye doctors will do a contact lens fitting to measure the curve and diameter of your eyes. Haven't worn contacts before? Our eye specialists will show you how to put them in, take them out, and care for them.

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Digital Retinal Imaging

A digital retinal exam is the latest innovation in optical care that lets your eye doctor examine your eyes without using drops to dilate them. In less than a second, it digitally scans your eyes then prints out a "map" of your eye's system. This picture gives the optometrist a closer look and a better idea of what's going on with your vision.

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Less Worry,
Less Wait,
No Dilation

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Kids Exams

Learn what you and your child can expect at an eye exam. Keep their vision sharp and calm their fears by sharing this video with them. We'll walk through some of the tests and show it's not so scary to take care of their eyes.

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Lenscrafters Advantages


From ACCUEXAM to ACCUFIT, LensCrafters has the most innovative technologies to examine your eyes, measure your vision, and fit your prescription.


It's a great place to keep track of scheduling, prescriptions, and vision care history for you and your family. And a great place to get discounts with our PERKS program.