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Trends. Eyewear collections.

Personalize your look with on point eyewear trends to dial up your style or give you the goods to try something new. From geek chic to gradients and rounds, we’ve got the trendy glasses you need.


Geek Chic

Quirky cool

Adding a geeky vibe has never been more in. We love the hip nonchalance of this bold, bookish glasses trend. Check out our plastic and oversized frames, perfectly suited to keeping your inner geek, chic.

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Mad Tortoise

Twirls of tones

Today's tortoise amps up classic tones with subtle swirls of surprise color. We love this fun, fresh take on tortoise. You'll be mad about it too. With so many ways to wear this trend's palette of pattern and color, it'll be hard to pick one fav.

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Gradient Fades

Shades for you

From translucent to pearls and solids, the gradient trend will flatter your look. We love how it gives you an eye-catching color change-up top-to-bottom, or side to side for a fashion forward kick, that's guaranteed to push your style to the next level.

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Clean Classics

New Traditions

Some things never go out of style. They’re our classics and we love them forever. You can’t miss with these easy-wear looks in the go-to shapes, materials, and colors that fit and flatter. What’s not to like?

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Daring Rounds

Circle Game

Rounds are it no matter how you like them. From the retro super round glasses John Lennon loved to wear, to the relaxed looks of today, this trend is all about playing it forward with the newest cool curves. Take a chance on edgy, rebel style in the contour and color that speaks to you.

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Edgy & Rimless

Go Minimalist

The rimless trend has a less is more appeal with lenses that seem to float on barely there frames. Give it a go and you’ll add an edge to your look. Find yours in shapes that flatter your face shape without saying a word.

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