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Color Your World with Colored Contacts

Colored contact lens on a finger

Colored contact lenses give your look a cool change-up. Whether you go subtle or dramatic, changing your eye color is as easy as popping in a pair of contacts. If you need vision correction, prescription colored contacts are available for single, multi-focal vision, and astigmatism. And if you don't wear eyeglasses and just want to give your eyes a color lift you can absolutely wear colored contacts, but you'll still need a prescription from an optometrist.


How do you know which color contact lenses will work best on you? It's all about the look you're after. Are you going full-on color change for an event? Or rocking a theatrical look for a costume? Maybe you just want to enhance what you've got. Colored contacts come in a rainbow palette of blues, violet, greens, hazels, browns, and greys. It's the tint factor that varies from sheer and natural to rich and vibrant.


ENHANCEMENT TINTS • Great for enhancing your natural eye color to intensify the hue • Works best on light eyes • Not designed to completely cover your natural eye color

COLOR TINTS • Best for a dramatic color change, highly pigmented tints cover what you've got • Works well on all eye colors • Covers your natural eye color completely even if you have dark eyes

THEATRICAL LENSES • Special-effects contacts bring the drama on stage or Halloween • One-night wearers will still need a prescription


If you're considering colored contact lenses, always get them from a licensed eye doctor. One-size-fits-all or non-prescription color contact lenses can cause serious injury to your eyes. Colored contacts, even if they're non-corrective, are still a medical device so always play it safe.