Blue-violet light filter Glasses

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    Blue-violet light filter glasses feature a special lens treatment that helps filter potentially harmful blue-violet light from natural sourcessuch as sunlightand digital sourcessuch as smartphones or computer screens. Consumer studies suggests that blue-violet light lenses can help preserve visual comfort. As our lifestyles become increasingly tech-based and digital, it's no surprise that blue-violet light filter glasses are becoming more and more popular, while the technology behind blue-violet light lenses continues to improve. At LensCrafters, we offer a variety of quality Blue-violet Light filtering treatments, available for both prescriptionand non-prescription lenses. "Blue Light Glasses | LensCrafters®","Choose from a wide variety of blue light glasses available at LensCrafters® online store. Save On Frames & Lenses with Free Shipping & Returns! Blue-violet light is between 400 to 455 nm and is stated as the "potentially harmful range*" by ISO TR 20772:2018 (p14).