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Make informed decisions to keep you seeing life to the fullest by learning more from our trusted experts about your eye health, innovations in vision technology and the different types of lenses available. Meet our experts

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Learn All About Vision Solutions For Driving video preview

Your complete guide to vision on the road

We've got all your questions covered with this complete guide to our wide range of vision solutions for when you're on the road.

How To See Your Best On The Road video preview

Tips for seeing with confidence when you drive

Find out how to enhance and protect your vision in all light conditions to help you feel safe on the road.

The Truth About Vision On The Road video preview

Do I need a pair of glasses for driving?

Let's debunk some common myths about your vision while driving so you can choose the right solution for your needs.

Everything You Need To Know About Blue Light video preview

Everything you need to know about blue-violet light

Discover everything you need to know about blue-violet light, where it comes from and the best ways to reduce your daily exposure.

How To Reduce Your Exposure To Blue Light video preview

How to reduce your exposure to blue-violet light

Here are some tips from one of our expert optometrists to help you reduce your exposure to potentially harmful blue-violet light indoors and out.

The Truth About Blue Light video preview

Why should I protect my eyes from blue-violet light?

Want to find out more about blue-violet light? We uncover some myths and facts about where it comes from and its effects on your eyes.

Did You Know That Eye Exams Are Key To Eye Health video preview

Your guide to comprehensive eye exams

Wondering if you should get your eyes checked? Find out why early detection and prevention are key for maintaining your vision and eye health.

How To Maintain Your Vision And Eye Health video preview

How to keep your eyes healthy over time

Discover our tips for keeping your eyes healthy and how we help maintain your vision with a precise, personalized prescription.

The Truth About Eye Health video preview

Do I really need an annual eye exam?

Join us to uncover some myths about annual eye exams and find out why they are so important for you as well as children at school.

Vision Technology video preview

Learn more about digital eye exams

Find out how we use the latest digital technology to check for numerous eye conditions and tailor your prescription to suit you.

Lenses To Fit Your Lifestyle video preview

Find out how we prescribe lenses for your lifestyle

The right prescription can make all the difference to your sight. Discover recommendations to suit every lifestyle.

Prescription Lenses video preview

A complete guide to prescription lenses

Here is everything you need to know about different types of prescription lenses and all of our lens treatments.

Children’s Eye Exams video preview

Your guide to children’s eye exams

Find out how often children should get their eyes tested as well as signs that could indicate early problems with their vision.

Find The Perfect Pair video preview

Discover frames to fit your look

Find out how we can help you choose from a wide range of designer frames and quality lenses both online and in store.

Ray-Ban And Oakley Authentic Lenses video preview

A complete guide to our branded lenses

We offer a wide range of branded lenses, including Ray-Ban and Oakley Authentic prescription lenses to suit different activities.

Children’s Eye Care video preview

The importance of children’s eye care

Find out how to take care of your children’s eyes, from maintaining their visual acuity to helping them succeed in school.

Digital Eye Discomfort video preview

How to prevent digital eye discomfort

Learn about ways to help ease the effects of digital eye discomfort when using digital devices.

Eye health And Eye Care video preview

How to take care of your eyes

Discover tips and tricks for reducing eye strain when you’re working or reading to help maintain your vision.

Importance Of Eye Exams video preview

Time for your annual eye exam?

Preventative care is essential for eye health. Find out why annual eye exams are about more than just updating your prescription.

Our Latest Eyewear Collections video preview

Designer brands to fit your style

Find out why LensCrafters is the place to go for all the latest eyewear trends as well as new innovations including wearable tech.

Lenses Tailored To You video preview

Your guide to personalized lenses

Discover the complete range of lens solutions available and how we find the right lens to suit your vision needs.

Your Digital Eye Exam video preview

Discover the latest vision technology

Find out how we use the latest in eye exam technology to measure and digitally map your eyes for a precise, personalized prescription.

All About Prescriptions video preview

How to read your prescription

Not sure how to read your prescription slip? This video will help you decode all the numbers and abbreviations.

Personalized Lenses video preview

Discover lenses to suit your vision and lifestyle

Here’s how to find the perfect lens from our wide assortment of personalized solutions for your eyes.

A Complete Eye Care Experience video preview

We take care of all your eye care needs

Discover an overview of our vision care experience, from digital eye exams to the latest eyewear from luxury brands.

For All Your Vision Needs video preview

Every step of your eye care journey

Discover our complete range of services, including free fitting and adjustment as well as our eyewear protection plan.

Vision Solutions For All Ages video preview

Eye care for the entire family

Kids care about style, too! That’s why we offer a complete range of frames and lenses that are tailored to their needs.

A Complete Vision Solution video preview

How to find your perfect pair

Here is everything you need to know about our customized vision solutions to help you find the perfect pair for you.

Designer Eyewear video preview

Discover all the latest styles

From timeless classics to the latest trends, here is a taste of what you can expect at your local LensCrafters store.

All Prescriptions Welcome video preview

Bring us your outside prescription

Want to use your prescription from another optician at LensCrafters? No problem. Find out how we take care of all your vision needs.

Best In Class Customer Experience video preview

We’re here to help in store and online

Discover our complete range of in-store services designed to offer you a seamless and stress-free eye care experience.