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Your eye health and safety is our top priority.
Because seeing them flourish
Because watching old home videos
Because catching a glimpse of her smile
We’re here for all your vision needs
Because everything we do at LensCrafters
is for every sight that makes your life special.
LensCrafters – Because sight.
Arrange your annual eye exam now

Because Sight

Everything we do at LensCrafters is centered around sight. Because it’s a key sense. Because it connects you to your environment and the people in it. Because it means independence. Because reading. Because smiles. Because sunsets. Because Sight.

At LensCrafters, state-of-the-art vision technology is paired with a truly personal approach to eye care – focusing on what brings you joy in life, as well as your prescription needs.

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We offer a range of prescription lenses for eyeglasses & sunglasses, including the new Modern Lifestyle Lenses: four complete vision solutions tailored to your everyday life. All designed for the way you see the world.

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Have your kids experience an eyecare journey like never before, from start to finish, with quality service, digital eye exams, stylish frames from top designer brands and a wide range of vision solutions tailored to their young eyes.

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Find the trendiest frames, from Michael Kors to Dolce&Gabbana and many others. No matter what style or brand you're looking for, we have year-long must have frames from top designer brands. Just the answer you're looking for.

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Because the doctors

In a world where all our senses are key to learning, studying and understanding our surroundings, the Independent Doctors of Optometry believe that sight is a magical sense to possess, and want you to see your best every day.

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Because eye care

Knowing your eyes is important, as is an annual eye exam. What you may not realize, is that you could see better with glasses or contact lenses. You shouldn’t miss out on seeing your best every day, and that’s why you should arrange an eye exam.

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For over 25 years, LensCrafters associates and Independent doctors have worked with OneSight to provide quality vision care to more than 9 million people in 41 countries. Together, we help the world see.

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